Online publishers rely on advertising revenue to fund the development of engaging content and experiences for their audiences — whether they’re using desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. An increasing number of consumers however are using ad blocking software in order to make their online experience faster, more secure, and with fewer disruptions. It’s time for consumers and publishers to compromise with a better advertising experience.

Introducing Ad Light, powered by DigiTrust and Rubicon Project …

Rubicon Project, as a member of DigiTrust and a leading ad technology automation platform connecting advertisers and premium online publishers, has recently released a DigiTrust app that allows publishers to offer consumers an “Ad Light” better advertising experience. Ad Light offers consumers fewer ads, as well as faster-loading, more secure ads with fewer third-party trackers, in return for the consumer “whitelisting” the publisher’s website within their ad blocker, and therefore allowing only “well-behaved” ads to display.

Ad Light Features
After a short invite-only, private beta period, Ad Light will be available to all publishers deploying DigiTrust, with the following customizable features:

  • Option to block content to consumers who do not pause their ad blocker, or whitelist publisher domains.
  • Ability to filter advertising content shown to consumers to include only ads that are secure (https), fast loading and lightweight, and contain fewer than 2 third-party redirects or trackers.
  • Integrates directly with your ad server so that direct-sold ads may also be shown, in addition to ads sourced via Rubicon Project.
  • Every time an ad has been filtered out, consumers are gently notified within the ad slot that you have filtered that ad to preserve their ad experience.

Ad Light Demonstration
Ad Light has been enabled on this page.

For a demonstration, please activate your ad blocker and refresh this page within your browser. Once DigiTrust has detected use of an ad blocker, a window will appear over this page with a request to whitelist this site and select either Ad Light or the standard advertising experience. Select Ad Light and then refresh the page to see sample ads to the right, either displaying fully or being filtered out to preserve the consumer experience.

For More Information
Ad Light is available today as a private beta release, on an invite-only basis. For more information, please contact your Rubicon Project account director and Jordan Mitchell (Rubicon Product Manager, at