• Recruiting all Ad Tech Platforms

    The DigiTrust initiative offers a better user token for the web, with material improvement in managed revenues, a level playing field with dominant 1st parties, and reduced ID syncs for a better consumer experience. Success in this effort requires the cooperation and commitment of publishers and their ad technology platforms. We have tremendous interest from leading publishers, and they now need to know their platforms are onboard before they’ll deploy.

    We’re recruiting leading ad technology platforms to join DigiTrust by October 31 and begin funding this effort with a $5K/month subscription fee. On October 31st we will close our platform recruiting effort, and focus 100% of publisher recruitment.

    Spreading the word is vital, and we’re asking platforms to reach out to your most important customers and partners, and tell them why DigiTrust is important to you, them, consumers and our industry. Additionally, we ask that your engineering teams attend at least 1 of our API deployment sessions in order to scope and plan the deployment of the DigiTrust API.

    ExchangeWire writes:

    “The future of measurement is the adoption of a universal user token. A blunt, yet nonetheless accurate, statement that seems to be the consensus across the industry. Are we even remotely close to achieving this? The answer is yes, thanks to DigiTrust, an industry non-profit consortium supporting a standardised user token to improve the consumer web experience.”

    And AdExchanger notes:

    “A standardized ID would also give publishers and platforms an advantage against the two digital advertising behemoths.”

    Please join this revolution. The future of a better web experience for consumers, and a better user token for online advertising, is here.