• Publisher Call to Action: Join DigiTrust Now!

    DigiTrust is a non-profit industry consortium comprised of online marketing technology platforms and digital publishers who support a standardized user token in order to improve the consumer online experience. The DigiTrust technology solution creates an anonymous user token, designed to be propagated by and between its members in lieu of billions of proprietary tokens and trackers on Web pages daily. If you’re familiar with the mobile app environment, then you know that the leading mobile operating systems issue a standardized “ID for advertisers” (IDFA) … think of this as IDFA for the web.

    We need a focused group of premium publishers to join DigiTrust (at no cost) and then work with each other as a group, and in concert with with our platform members, to evaluate, discuss and determine a joint deployment date to get this effort off the ground.

    The evaluation and determination of a joint deployment date is not a trivial effort, nor one that can/should be “sold.” It necessarily involves a deep consideration from both your privacy/policy and technology teams, which we believe is best done in a working group setting (recall that we are not a vendor, but rather a consortium). Our objective is for privacy and technology working groups to surface and resolve deployment concerns as a group, resulting in consensus and best practices, then all agree on a deployment date.

    We’re not asking you to commit to a deployment date. We’re merely asking you to publicly support this effort, and work with each other and the platforms funding this effort to determine a joint deployment date (or dates).

    We’re asking publishers to commit to the following:

    • To join DigiTrust as a Supporting Member.
    • To be publicly associated to this effort, including an initial announcement of all publishers joining under these terms.
    • To assign an executive leader on your team to be our primary point-of-contact, carry the torch internally and convey feedback when necessary.
    • To commit technical resources to evaluate the technology integration requirements within your site(s), and to surface and resolve integration issues/concerns.
    • To commit privacy/legal resources to evaluate the policy requirements and privacy approach, and to surface and resolve issues/concerns.
    • To assist in the determination of a joint deployment date(s), all within joint working group settings led by us.

    With your combined leadership and collaboration, we will make a significant positive impact to our industry in 2017 — improving your revenue and reducing the number of trackers on your pages affecting consumer experience, while simultaneously helping the open ecosystem address the challenges of walled gardens and EU privacy regulation.

    For more information, please contact jordan AT DigiTru.st.