• IAB Whitepaper: Privacy and Tracking in a Post-Cookie World

    IAB recently published a whitepaper that discusses and evaluates the various alternative solutions for our current state management landscape. By targeting the constraints and limitations that the tradition cookie method neglects, such as privacy and tracking issues with cross-device ID recognition, the article identifies five plausible solutions. Keeping in mind the consumers, the publishers, and the third parties, these solutions are weighed according to a number of different important principles and compared side by side to illustrate maximum prosperity. As displayed on the chart featured in the whitepaper, the solution solving for the greatest majority of these principles is the cloud-based solution. The cloud-based solution tracks user information and manages preferences from a single centralized service that allows all parties involved to access the information using the same user ID.

    Jordan Mitchell (founder of DigiTrust) was the chair of the IAB “Future of the Cookie” working group, comprising some 50 companies, that researched this topic area and generated the whitepaper. Digitrust used the whitepaper to model their cloud approach, implementing the winning solution from IAB into the first official, credible, and highly recognized version of cloud to ever exist. Digitrust is thereby solving for the privacy and tracking concerns IAB identifies in the article and evolving with our ever-changing, always-advancing technological world.

    To view the whitepaper summary, press release or full whitepaper, please view the IAB Web site here: https://www.iab.com/insights/the-future-of-the-cookie/