• DigiTrust Launches; Quickly Ramps Global ID Coverage

    In Q1 of this year we assembled about 25 leading ad tech platforms and 25 premium publishers for a Q2 working group process. The goal was to discuss DigiTrust deployment requirements and concerns in a group setting, then determine a joint deployment date to get this effort off the ground.

    Throughout Q2, we’ve executed well as a group and held 6 or so working group meetings, all with great attendance and discussion. A number of important topics were discussed in detail, including:

    • Technical integration requirements for publishers and platforms
    • Privacy/policy requirements for publishers and platforms
    • SEO considerations for publishers, and how it’s not an issue
    • Single point of failure scenarios and how they are mitigated
    • Timeline and process for achieving incremental revenue value, reduced third party requests, etc.
    • The recently announced AppNexus/LiveRamp/MediaMath consortium, what it means for publishers and platforms, etc.
    • Determination of joint deployment timelines

    DigiTrust Has Launched!
    The first publisher and platform deployments commenced the week of June 19th, and I’m pleased to report we’re ahead of schedule on developing audience coverage for the DigiTrust standardized user token. After less than a week, global audience coverage was nearly 50% and is ramping very quickly!

    This is a deployment involving platforms and publishers together — the former quickly establishing audience coverage as a third-party cookie, with publishers deploying to upgrade to a first-party cookie. More platforms and publishers are deploying this week, and every week hereafter.

    Our Milestones for 2017
    The working group outlined the following core milestones for the year, which we’re well on our way to achieving:

    • Milestone #1 – initial joint deployment commencing in June (ON SCHEDULE)
    • Milestone #2 – critical mass of audience in US and UK (if not globally) by August 1st (AHEAD OF SCHEDULE)
    • Milestone #3 – a DigiTrust user token in every bid request by September 1st
    • Milestone #4 – incremental revenue for ONLY participating publishers and platforms in Q4

    Additionally, though we have not arrived at a timeline just yet, we have a tremendous amount of support from publishers and platforms for turning off “ID syncs” in order to significantly reduce the number of third-party requests on Web pages, and in doing so improve the consumer experience.

    I want to thank each and every participant in our working group for their effort and support.