A focus of the IAB Technology Laboratory, Inc. (“Tech Lab”), including the DigiTrust Working Group, is to establish a neutral, global, standardized ID for consumers and the digital ecosystem, which involves standardized technology being deployed globally by many companies – partners and competitors, platforms and publishers, etc. – with the following objectives:

  • A more persistent user ID for improved audience recognition within the digital ecosystem, to which consumers may attach privacy preferences;
  • Improved page load performance and reduced data leakage for publishers by reducing the need for third-party requests (ID syncs); and
  • Better consumer experience.

This Data Policy (the “Data Policy”) communicates Tech Lab’s policy around consumer data as it pertains to the DigiTrust solution (the “Service”). Tech Lab believes this Policy is necessary to achieve and maintain a neutral namespace for consumer identity and privacy preferences that best serve the interests of both industry and consumers –respecting members’ proprietary business models, fueling innovation, and directly coupling the value to consumers and industry.

Our Consumer Data Policy
The Service facilitates the global provisioning of an industry standardized and neutral consumer identifier that can be used to recognize distinct consumers and honor privacy preferences of consumers.

Neither Tech Lab nor the Service collects, stores, shares, uses, buys or sells consumer behavioral data or personal information in connection with the Service. Specifically, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any domains, URLs, pages, referrers, or content that any consumer has loaded into their browser.
  • Any consumer meta-data provided by the browser, such as IP address, operating system, browser type, browser add-on applications, etc.
  • Any personally identifiable information, personal data, or geolocation data for the consumer.
  • Any consumer third-party login data, including email addresses, passwords, etc.
  • Any demographics, attributes, characteristics, derivative inferences, or audience segments formed from the above.

Additionally, Tech Lab does not buy or sell media, content or advertising in connection with the Service. Nor does Tech Lab host third-party requests from its Service, other than what is necessary to deliver the Service and meet regulatory requirements.

Tech Lab collects, stores and shares consumer privacy preferences in connection with the Service, and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Changes to the Policy
Tech Lab may change this Policy at any time, subject to unanimous approval by the Commit Group of the DigiTrust Working Group of the Tech Lab.