• DigiTrust – The Final Chapter

    Supporters Decide to Sunset DigiTrust on July 31 IAB Tech Lab recently invited all the platforms and publishers supporting the DigiTrust ID and shared namespace service to a meeting to review the status of funding and operations, and discuss the future of DigiTrust. Against the backdrop of increasing operational costs driven by broad publisher deployment, Continue Reading

  • #TrackLash and The Coming Cookie Apocalypse

    There are no shortage of opinions on the future of cookies and tracking across the digital media landscape. Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, the trends — in regulation, consumer sentiment, media coverage, and browser actions — all suggest that the areas of consumer identity, data and privacy will continue to undergo great change. Continue Reading

  • The Imperative of Neutral Industry Standards for Consent Management

    The point of industry standards is to form a common, collaborative layer upon which all participants can accelerate innovation, and therefore offer more (and better) products and services to the market. The challenge of standardization is not so much technology as it is cooperation — it’s difficult to get many companies (partners and competitors alike) Continue Reading