• A New Chapter for DigiTrust!

    We’re pleased to announce that IAB Tech Lab has acquired the DigiTrust solution, is hiring the team, and will support increasing global adoption of the DigiTrust neutral ID service. Additionally, IAB Tech Lab will work to integrate DigiTrust capabilities with existing and emerging technology standards for digital advertising. This marks a new, exciting chapter for Continue Reading

  • The Imperative of Neutral Industry Standards for Consent Management

    The point of industry standards is to form a common, collaborative layer upon which all participants can accelerate innovation, and therefore offer more (and better) products and services to the market. The challenge of standardization is not so much technology as it is cooperation — it’s difficult to get many companies (partners and competitors alike) Continue Reading

  • IAB Whitepaper: Privacy and Tracking in a Post-Cookie World

    IAB recently published a whitepaper that discusses and evaluates the various alternative solutions for our current state management landscape. By targeting the constraints and limitations that the tradition cookie method neglects, such as privacy and tracking issues with cross-device ID recognition, the article identifies five plausible solutions. Keeping in mind the consumers, the publishers, and Continue Reading