• Ad Technology Platforms Commit DigiTrust Support

    20 of the leading ad technology platforms, powering digital advertising automation for premium publishers and marketers, have stepped up to commit their support in removing billions of daily trackers and improving consumer Web experiences.

    These platforms will be showing their support by funding the DigiTrust organization through a monthly API subscription, educating their partners and customers on DigiTrust to spread the word for further deployment support, internally educating and involving their teams in DigiTrust information, and deploying within their technology infrastructure to generate the DigiTrust standardized use token.

    The alphabetical list of platforms committing their support as General Members of the DigiTrust consortium include:

    • AppNexus
    • BidSwitch
    • DataXu
    • EyeReturn Marketing
    • GumGum
    • Improve Digital
    • Index Exchange
    • Infectious Media
    • OpenX
    • Neustar
    • PubMatic
    • Quantcast
    • Rubicon Project
    • Screen6
    • Sizmek
    • Sovrn
    • SpotX
    • Switch Concepts
    • Turn

    A Critical Set of Platforms to Launch this Effort with Publishers
    The DigiTrust industry effort succeeds with publisher and platform adoption at a broad scale. The first critical step is that publishers set the standardized user token, gaining consent when necessary and achieving critical mass of audience coverage. In order for publishers to benefit, they must then propagate the user token for use among the various ad tech platforms licensed by both them and the marketers who desire to reach those audiences.

    DigiTrust has already achieved critical mass of publisher interest, though their timeline for deployment is contingent on platform deployments. With critical mass of publisher-facing platforms now onboard, all parties can now work towards the collaborative deployment timeline of Q1 2017.

    Here’s what our platform supporters have to say …
    “The Digitrust project provides a way forward for publishers to improve the reader’s experience and reduce the complicated, and often redundant, firing of tracking pixels when advertising to a reader”
    Walter Knapp, CEO of Sovrn

    “DigiTrust is a key component of the open internet, enabling independent publishers, marketers, and 3rd party platforms to break free of ‘walled gardens’ and use a transparent, privacy-enabled, and high-performance alternative.”
    Tom Shields, SVP, Strategy, Publishers at AppNexus

    “DigiTrust represents a broad, industry commitment from all corners of ad tech in providing audiences with a better experience and beginning to reign in tracking. It is an important first step by our industry to provide transparency and control to audiences.”
    J. Allen Dove, CTO of SpotX

    “DigiTrust offers to the mobile Web ecosystem the benefits and efficiencies of a standardized identifier, much like the ‘IDs for Advertisers’ issued by Apple, Android and Microsoft for the mobile apps ecosystem.”
    Ian Davidson, VP, Platform Demand, OpenX

    “This is a huge step in preserving the openness of the programmatic ad ecosystem, and one we have been calling for for years. It promises to make it simpler for brands and agencies to create programmatic advertising that is relevant for consumers, whilst giving users choice and transparency when it comes to opting out.”
    Dan de Sybel, CTO at Infectious Media

    “As a leading programmatic platform, we integrate with 100s of other companies each of whom use their own cookie-based user tokens. It’s unnecessarily complicated, expensive, and loads web pages with excessive trackers. DigiTrust offers a simple approach to fix all of this.”
    Ken Weiner, CTO of GumGum

    “DigiTrust represents partners and competitors alike, coming together to improve the Web experience for consumer, publishers and marketers, and we’re proud to support it.”
    Mark Duncan, Director of Business Development, Switch

    “Eyereturn is proud to be involved in DigiTrust, and supports responsible innovation in advertising automation so that the industry flourishes and consumers enjoy continued access to premium, personalized digital experiences — on their terms.”
    Renee Hill, President and Co-CEO at Eyereturn Marketing

    “BidSwitch is focused on helping programmatic technology companies overcome increasing marketplace complexity, technical inefficiencies, and connectivity at scale. We fully support DigiTrust’s efforts towards a more seamless and transparent ecosystem.”
    Matt Miga, Senior Director, Product Management at Bidswitch

    “Digitrust will help our industry live out the promise of an ecosystem built on collaboration and transparency. In turn, creating more relevant communication for consumers and more return for publishers.”
    Steve Sullivan, VP Partner Success at Index Exchange