Last updated: October 10, 2017

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Your company has been invited to join DigiTrust. Please read the information below carefully, and thank you for your team’s consideration.

Overview of DigiTrust
DigiTrust is a non-profit industry consortium spawned from an IAB working group. It’s comprised of ad tech platforms and premium publishing brands who collaboratively deploy and support a standardized, privacy-safe, 1st party cookie-based user ID in order to achieve the following mutual benefits:

  • Improved CPMs and revenue, by eliminating the data loss associated to 3rd party cookies (on mobile, especially) and ID syncing
  • Fewer pixels on your pages, by eliminating the need for ID syncing among hundreds of third-parties
  • Faster loading pages, and better consumer experience
  • Alleviated regulatory pressure/risk in Europe, with centralized consent, proof of consent and revocation of consent
  • Leveling of the playing field with dominant 1st parties

Our Timeline and Goals
An initial group of leading platforms and premium publishing organizations jointly deployed in July 2017, and we reached critical mass of global audience coverage around August 1st. In Q4 we’ll have leading SSPs passing the standardized DigiTrust ID in every bid request. This will enable buyers to begin influencing their bidding logic (bidding more, and more often), In Q1 of 2018, we aim to start improving audience recognition for buyers of your inventory, while at the same time reducing ID syncs between third parties on your pages.

Now that we are in the deployment phase, our infrastructure costs are increasing significantly and we will be adding full-time engineering resources and a CTO. Our funding comes from platforms, not from publishers … but publisher deployments motivate platforms to join and pay the monthly subscription fee, which allows us to continue the following important work:

  • ID persistence – we expect ongoing challenges to user tokens/IDs, due to regulation, browser changes, and other software, and feel these challenges are best met in cooperation.
  • GDPR / ePR consent management – see below narrative on the DigiTrust solution
  • Standardized cross-device IDs – we will continue our work in cooperation with IAB
  • AMP support, consumer preferences, global privacy regulation, and much more …

Join DigiTrust and Be Part of the Solution
DigiTrust is funded and resourced as a non-profit consortium, so its success depends on member engagement, cooperation and deployment. We need you to join DigiTrust, commit to deployment and convey a clear position of support with your platform vendors. Participation is free for Web properties that license ad tech platforms (versus building their own). We only charge proprietary platforms. Web site participation requires the following:

  1. Review and execute this Supporting Member agreement, then email to jordan AT
  2. Update your privacy policy according to the guidance offered within the Regulatory one-sheet for US Publishers or Regulatory one-sheet for UK Publishers, depending on whether you are a US or UK entity.
  3. Create a test deployment of the DigiTrust JavaScript on your site in accordance with this Technical Integration Guide. You will need a member ID and site ID from us in order to test your deployment.
  4. Deploy site-wide.
  5. Collaborate with other premium publishing brands on a timeline for removing all ID syncs from your pages.

You may not deploy across your Web site until/unless steps #1 and #2 above have been completed, reviewed and approved by jordan AT

General Materials/Resources
Below are quite a few more materials and links potentially helpful to your consideration:

Technical Materials/Resources

Privacy and Regulatory Materials/Resources

Materials from Q2 Working Group Meetings
Below are materials and content from our Q2 2017 member working group meetings: