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You and your organization have been invited to become DigiTrust publisher members, either because you’ve indicated an interest directly or you’ve been referred. This page is meant to provide you with all the information necessary to consider your support. Please read the information below carefully, and thank you for your consideration!

Overview of DigiTrust
DigiTrust is a non-profit industry consortium spawned from an IAB working group. It’s comprised of ad tech platforms and premium publishers who collaboratively deploy and support a universal cookie-based user ID in order to achieve the following mutual benefits:

  • More than 15% improvement in revenue, by eliminating the data loss associated to 3rd party cookies (on mobile, especially) and ID syncing
  • Fewer pixels on your pages, by eliminating the need for ID syncing among hundreds of third-parties
  • Faster loading pages, and better consumer experience
  • Leveling of the playing field with dominant 1st parties
  • Alleviated regulatory pressure in Europe, with centralized consent, proof of consent and revocation of consent

Though founded/funded by platforms, the ultimate success of DigiTrust falls squarely on the shoulders of premium publishers who must deploy the DigiTrust scripts on their pages in order to commence the virtuous cycle of benefit to themselves, their consumer audiences and their trusted programmatic partners. Membership in and subscription to the DigiTrust service is free for publishers that license ad tech platforms.

Our Ask
We need a focused group of premium publishers to join DigiTrust (at no cost) and then work with each other as a group, and in concert with our platform members, to evaluate, discuss and determine a joint deployment date to get this effort off the ground.

The evaluation and determination of a joint deployment date involves consideration from both your privacy/policy and technology teams, which we believe is best done in a working group setting. The objective is for privacy and technology working groups to surface and resolve deployment issues and concerns as a group, resulting in consensus and best practices, then determine a deployment date.

General Materials/Resources
Below are materials and links potentially helpful to your consideration:

Technical Materials/Resources

Regulatory Compliance Requirements/Guidance