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Overview of DigiTrust
DigiTrust is a non-profit industry consortium spawned from an IAB working group. It’s comprised of ad tech platforms and premium publishers who are collaborating to deploy and support a standardized, shared, 1st party cookie-based user token in order to achieve the following mutual benefits:

  • More than 15% improvement in managed revenue, by eliminating audience data loss associated to third party cookies (on mobile, especially) and ID syncing
  • Leveling of the playing field with the “walled gardens”, by enabling the third party ecosystem with a shared first party cookie ID
  • Fewer pixels on publisher pages, by eliminating the need for ID syncing among hundreds of third-parties
  • Faster loading pages, and better consumer experience
  • Alleviated regulatory pressure in Europe, with centralized consent, proof of consent and revocation of consent

Membership in DigiTrust
DigiTrust is set up as a non-profit industry consortium (501c6) with two classes of membership:

  • General Members – This is probably you, and comprises the proprietary technology platforms for audience data collection, targeting, buying/selling of ads, measurement/attribution, etc. General members license their services to Supporting Members, and includes ad servers, DSPs, SSPs, DMPs and any other platform that utilize proprietary cookie-based IDs, sync those IDs with other General Members, maintain mapping tables, collect/store audience data, and otherwise benefit from a more persistent, standardized user token.
  • Supporting Members – This is for companies such as advertisers and publishers who license proprietary technology platforms for the purposes of audience data collection, targeting, buying/selling of ads, measurement/attribution, etc. May also include technology platforms who merely propagate the DigiTrust encrypted ID to others, with no need to store the user token.

DigiTrust is funded entirely by General Members, not by Supporting Members. General Members pay a monthly subscription fee (currently $5k/month) for access to the API that allows them to unencrypt the DigiTrust ID to form the persistent user token. They may also pay a one-time, non-recurring membership fee for the privilege of voting as a member, holding a board seat, and earning subscription fee credits. All General Members must be members in good standing of an industry self-regulatory organization.

Current Recruitment Process and Status
DigiTrust is currently closed to new General Members while we focus exclusively on Supporting Member recruitment (see our publisher recruitment page here for more details). Near the end of Q1 2017 we hope to re-open General Member recruitment. If you haven’t already, please fill out the short form indicating your interest and we’ll look forward to speaking with you then.

Materials for your Consideration
Below are materials and links potentially helpful to you in the meantime: