Last updated: October 2, 2017

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Your company has been invited to join DigiTrust. Please read the information below carefully, and thank you for your team’s consideration.

Overview of DigiTrust
DigiTrust is a non-profit industry consortium spawned from an IAB working group. It’s comprised of ad tech platforms and premium publishers who are collaborating to deploy and support a standardized, shared, 1st party cookie-based user token in order to achieve the following mutual benefits:

  • Improved managed revenue due to better audience recognition, by reducing data loss associated to third party cookies (on mobile, especially) and ID syncing
  • Improved match rates with your trading partners, by eliminating the need for ID syncing among hundreds of third-parties
  • Leveling of the playing field with the “walled gardens”, by enabling the third party ecosystem with a shared first party cookie ID
  • Alleviated regulatory pressure/risk in Europe, with centralized consent, proof of consent and revocation of consent
  • Better consumer experience

September 2017 Membership Drive
We have around 25 leading platforms already involved, and approximately 25 premium publishing organizations representing critical mass of audience across the US and UK. All took part in member-only working group meetings in Q2 2017 to discuss deployment requirements, best practices, and joint deployment dates. Deployment began in July 2017, and General Member recruitment re-opened to ad tech platforms September 1st.

Now that we are in the deployment phase, our infrastructure costs are increasing significantly and we need to add full-time engineering resources and a CTO for ongoing development of the software/service. Our monthly funding target is USD$175K, which is approximately double our current membership. This will allow us to continue the following important work:

  • ID persistence – we expect ongoing challenges to user tokens/IDs, due to regulation, browser changes, and other software, and feel these challenges are best met in cooperation.
  • GDPR / ePR consent management – see below narrative on the DigiTrust solution
  • Standardized cross-device IDs – we will continue our work in cooperation with IAB
  • AMP support, consumer preferences, global privacy regulation, and much more …

Join DigiTrust and Be Part of the Solution
DigiTrust is funded and resourced as a non-profit consortium, so its success depends on member engagement, cooperation and deployment. Here’s what membership entails:

  • Execute General Member agreement and API License Addendum (see below).
  • USD$5,000/month API subscription fee, starting October 1 – this monthly fee is reviewed by the board regularly, expected to decrease over time, and is half ($2,500/month) for platforms with <$10MM annual net revenues. The API is necessary to decrypt the DigiTrust ID to form the persistent user token.
  • Public association of your company name to the DigiTrust consortium.
  • Deployment and support of the DigiTrust ID on your platform, subject to the privacy and technical guidelines below.
  • Customer and partner evangelism. We need you to take a strong position within the market, and with your customers/partners.
  • Optional Advisory Board meetings involving privacy and technical requirements, reviews and best practices.

General Materials/Resources
Below are materials and links helpful to your consideration:

Technical Materials/Resources

Privacy and Regulatory Materials/Resources

Materials from Q2 Working Group Meetings
Below are materials and content from our Q2 2017 member working group meetings: