Updated: 28 January 2019

DigiTrust is a non-profit effort comprised of online publishers, marketers, and their partners working together to improve your online experience. The Web sites you visit use a number of third party technology vendors to deliver relevant content and advertising, which helps pay for the free content you consume and involves the use of cookies.

DigiTrust offers a safe and secure DigiTrust cookie (set as a first-party cookie in your browser) which contains a randomly-generated user token, your opt-out status (if applicable) and when your consent was achieved (if applicable). By standardizing this information across vendors, publishers and marketers can reduce the number and frequency of third party cookies from the Web pages you visit — making pages load faster and reducing privacy concerns.

The following companies utilize the DigiTrust cookie within their proprietary technology platforms. You may learn more about the DigiTrust cookie and your choices here.


  • Adform
  • BidSwitch
  • dataxu
  • GumGum
  • Index Exchange
  • IntentIQ
  • Kargo
  • MediaMath
  • OpenX
  • PubMatic
  • Rubicon Project
  • Screen6
  • Sovrn
  • SpotX