• DigiTrust Consortium Hits Critical Mass with 14 Top Publishers and 29 Technology Platforms Deploying

    – Programmatic ecosystem establishes neutral user ID standard to eliminate “web trackers” and improve consumer experience. – Standardized user ID offers better audience recognition, scale and yield. As the interactive media market has thrived in recent years, driven by programmatic buying and selling, the use of cookies for audience recognition on the Web has exploded Continue Reading

  • Key Organizational Tenets

    The user token (AKA user ID) is the single most important component of the digital marketing ecosystem. User tokens allow companies to recognize their audience (while not necessarily *identifying* them). Without effective audience recognition, the entire foundation for our industry is reduced to guesswork — negatively affecting everything we do: Website analytics Content personalization and Continue Reading

  • IAB Whitepaper: Privacy and Tracking in a Post-Cookie World

    IAB recently published a whitepaper that discusses and evaluates the various alternative solutions for our current state management landscape. By targeting the constraints and limitations that the tradition cookie method neglects, such as privacy and tracking issues with cross-device ID recognition, the article identifies five plausible solutions. Keeping in mind the consumers, the publishers, and Continue Reading