• DigiTrust Consortium Hits Critical Mass with 14 Top Publishers and 29 Technology Platforms Deploying

    – Programmatic ecosystem establishes neutral user ID standard to eliminate “web trackers” and improve consumer experience. – Standardized user ID offers better audience recognition, scale and yield. As the interactive media market has thrived in recent years, driven by programmatic buying and selling, the use of cookies for audience recognition on the Web has exploded Continue Reading

  • Key Organizational Tenets

    The user token (AKA user ID) is the single most important component of the digital marketing ecosystem. User tokens allow companies to recognize their audience (while not necessarily *identifying* them). Without effective audience recognition, the entire foundation for our industry is reduced to guesswork — negatively affecting everything we do: Website analytics Content personalization and Continue Reading

  • DigiTrust Launches; Quickly Ramps Global ID Coverage

    In Q1 of this year we assembled about 25 leading ad tech platforms and 25 premium publishers for a Q2 working group process. The goal was to discuss DigiTrust deployment requirements and concerns in a group setting, then determine a joint deployment date to get this effort off the ground. Throughout Q2, we’ve executed well Continue Reading

  • Calling All Platforms: Join Now to Take Part in Deployment

    Join the biggest publishers in the US and UK along with more than 20 major advertising platforms as we finalize the legal and technical requirements for a shared user ID. DigiTrust is a non-profit group focused on developing a standardized user ID or token that will provide massive benefits to participating publishers: speeding up page Continue Reading

  • Five Reasons for Publishers to Support the DigiTrust Standardized ID

    The DigiTrust technology solution creates an anonymous user token, designed to be propagated by and between its members in lieu of billions of proprietary tokens and trackers on Web pages daily. Here are five great reasons to join DigiTrust and support a standardized user token: More revenue – audience drives advertiser spend and publisher yield. Continue Reading

  • Publisher Call to Action: Join DigiTrust Now!

    DigiTrust is a non-profit industry consortium comprised of online marketing technology platforms and digital publishers who support a standardized user token in order to improve the consumer online experience. The DigiTrust technology solution creates an anonymous user token, designed to be propagated by and between its members in lieu of billions of proprietary tokens and Continue Reading

  • Ad Technology Platforms Commit DigiTrust Support

    20 of the leading ad technology platforms, powering digital advertising automation for premium publishers and marketers, have stepped up to commit their support in removing billions of daily trackers and improving consumer Web experiences. These platforms will be showing their support by funding the DigiTrust organization through a monthly API subscription, educating their partners and Continue Reading

  • Recruiting all Ad Tech Platforms

    The DigiTrust initiative offers a better user token for the web, with material improvement in managed revenues, a level playing field with dominant 1st parties, and reduced ID syncs for a better consumer experience. Success in this effort requires the cooperation and commitment of publishers and their ad technology platforms. We have tremendous interest from Continue Reading